Carla Wallach of Greenwich Connecticut Gives Best Description of a Moderate Republican Sharyn Bovat Has EVER Read. Lets Hope Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie & the GOP Establishment Sans Haley Barbour (Who I Hope is Retiring?) Listens to the Moderate Republican Fringe - the Fact is in the Next Election Cycle "We Matter" ... New Website VoiceofaModerate.GOP Launching Soon & Here's a Preview

*** Update- Eric Holder Resigns - Was it Something I Said? *** James Comey Please Tell the FBI to "Rest Up" I'm Begging Eric Holder's People to Replace the Black Kids Jailed on Minor Drug Charges with Corrupt Haley Barbour Crony Allies That Abused People & Taxpayer Money - Ya'll Might Be BUSY:):) Finally Gracia Martore of Gannett "Let" One of Her Papers Report News That Had It Been Reported Earlier Could Have Save a Billions of Wasted Spending of Money Earned By the Hardworking Taxpayers

Is Dick Cheney Scared of Girls?

Aaron Geduldig I'm at a Conference Talking About Sexual Assault in the Military - Want You To Know I NEVER Said You Did Anything Wrong... I Did Question Your Character for Flirting With Me When You Knew Who I Was & I Reported on Corruption that Happened By Those You Lead. I Told YOU If I'm Wrong I'll Clarify & Apologize. Call Me to Explain ALL I Want is the Truth & RESPECT. Have a Great Day!