Purple Alert Reaches Out to CODE PINK to Free John Kiriakou Before 4th of July - Stay Tuned

Moderate Women Want America to "Do the No Fly Thing & Get Rid of Assad". OMG!!! If We Don't Save Syrians BUT Saved the Libyans It's NOT Fair.... Too Much Needless Violence. We Can't Give Weapons to the Rebels WE MUST CONTROL THE WEAPONS.....

Mormons want to bring back polygamy? It's a Thought From An Actual Article on the Web: Maybe Mitt Was "Hiding" His Other Wives? He Should Have Put Them on The Campaign Trail - EVERYONE Loved Ann.

Thank You ACU for Letting This Voice of a GOP Moderate Attend CPAC. I Got to Meet Some Future Heroes - How Cool is That?

I Wonder What The Little Boy is "Thinking"......

Thank You Tesla For Being Honorable By Paying Back Your Govt. Loan.

Marsha - Marsha - Marsha Blackburn HOW Can YOU Be Connected to Kline Preston. Have YOU Seen His Tweets?

Reince Priebus Here's a Compromise? Arizona's Trent Franks and Jan Brewer Hell Must Have "Froze Over" Because I Agree With You (Kindof) The 20 Week Abortion Ban OK is Eyes of This GOP Moderate. To Get The Legislation to Pass ENSURE Contraception is Guaranteed. NOT the Foster Friess "Aspirin Between the Knees" Method - Some of Us Like to Have a Little Fun:):)

GOP Moderate Sharyn Bovat Thanks IWPR for Hosting a Great Event. Also Thank You to the AFL CIO for the Hospitality ..... Lets Hope That MORE Republican Women Will Join the Fight for Fairness. Respect is Shown By = Pay and a Fair Minimum Wage. Get Rid of Loopholes for the Rich The Middle Class NEEDS an Advocate and The Ladies I Met Today Give This Woman Hope:):)

Langer Research Associates Gives GREAT Charts. If Reince Priebus is AWAKE He'll Look at Them and Tell the GOP Members of Congress to Use Their Brains - Too Many Republican Members of Congress Use OTHER Body Parts While Selecting Agendas

Michael Patrick Leahy - I Too Hate Lamar Alexander. That US Senator is CORRUPT and is a Harm to a Civilized Society. He's a Stealth Racist Whose In Bed with Companies That Support Iran. Lamar Alexander is a Grade A Hypocrite. Since the Tea Party Treats me Like DIRT I'm Opting For Ashley Judd. Sorry American Crossroads YOU Can't Keep Feeding Intelligent Americans CRAPPY CANDIDATES.... Lamar Alexander is Crappy and CORRUPT

Sharyn Bovat is NOT the CIA Whistleblower.... Have YOU Seen What the CIA Does To Them. Does The Obama Administration Want to KEEP Abusing a Carpool Mom Who Spoke Out About Fraud and Discrimination?