Reince Priebus, Ted Cruz & Donald Trump ... iSolved the Toilet Crisis

Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie IT's Time to Figure Out How to Put Lipstick On This Pig

DOD Whistleblower Tells Senator Donnelly that the VA's 1st Line of Defense for PTSD is a Drug that's KNOWN for Causing Suicides & NOW that Drug is KNOWN for Causing Alzheimers.WTF.... The DOD Knew I'm in SHOCK..... Have to go to Dr's but will blog more soon.

DOD Whistleblower Goes to iHop to Celebrate Her Role in STOPPING Pfizer from Tax Dodging & Wants The Issue of "Long Term" Use of Zoloft & SSRI's to Be Verified & Made PUBLIC By the Mainstream Media. YES!!! Bob Dickey I Know Big Pharma Buys a LOT of Ads BUT the Health of Those That Serve in the Military is MORE Important Than Media Execs Being Able to Fund Their Trump National Memberships.... Oops. Anyway it's Odd How i Was Given Info On SSRI's Being a Leading Cause of Alzheimer's Just LAST Week.... Lastly Can James Comey (FBI) Investigate WHY "Organic" Marijuana is NOT Being Tested on MASS Scare for PTSD. Our Troops Can't Take SSRI's That are KNOWN to Be Linked to the MASSIVE Alzheimers Epidemic .

Reince Priebus the RNC Has GOT to Be FAIR at the GOP Convention Gannet/Tennessean Reporters Joey Garrison and Dave Boucher Wrote a Great Story BUT the Comments are What Describes What's REALLY Going on w/the GOP & in Tennessee