Karl Rove and Reince Priebus - Colorado Might Be the PERFECT Host for the 2016 Family Reunion (RNC CONVENTION) Sheldon Adelson Looks Like Las Vegas Has some Competition.... If Vegas Wins... PLEASE Sponsor ACDC - Have a Great Day Too...:):)

Good News for the Haslam's --- Thank You Ron Ramsey:):)

What if he really did "work the cones".... what would happen? I Chris Christ back from his winter break?

Seriously- When is Chris Christie Resigning? New Jersey Need to Heal From the Storms... Hey Maybe When He Gets Back From Puerto Rico?

Kim Guadagno Gonna Approve Another Light Rail Station for the Rockefeller Group While the Big Guy is Playing in the Sand? OMG!!! Chirs Christie Just Said He's NOT Running for President..

Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie: Joe Biden Linked to Crony Capitalism ... YES!!! Data Exist That Will Link Joe Biden to FAILED 2009-2010 Stimulus Spending... It Will Expose Haley Barbour & Mitt Romney Too.. But Those Guys are "Has Beens".... Joe Wants to Be President in 2016 - BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!

Does This Make Anyone Else Wonder If the Planet is Really Square?

Al Cardenas Looking Forward to the CPAC - Lots of Presidential Hopefuls & WIth the GOP Needing a Makeover What a Better Place to Start… I Heard Carly Fiorina on a Sunday Show & She Gave Me HOPE That Women Might Want Back In….The Republican Party Needs Conservatives that Speak to America - & We'll See Who Does That Next Month…. Have a Great Day! Sharyn

GOP Moderate Blames Dept of Energy Fraud on BiPartisan Group of Politicians Aligned with Haley Barbour & Al Gore…. Says Al Was "Bullied" Into Promoting Industries Some Knew Would Fail…..

James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston - DID the NSA know During Clinton Admin that Chemical Weapons were Leaving Iraq and Headed to Syria? I Learned from a GOOD SOURCE that the TWA 800 crash was a form of "Copy Cat" of the Precursor to the Lockerbie Bombing… Both Done in the Summer of a Presidential Election.