If Ex CIA Chief is RIGHT That Snowden's Leaks Were the WORST in History... WHY Has Booz Allen Kept it's Contracts and NOBODY Been Fired...

AEI & Norm Ornstein - Lamar Alexander is Corrupt and He Fuels Companies That Do Business with IRAN. Norm Ornstein's Support of Lamar Alexander Makes Me Question AEI as a Credible Free Market Think Tank.... Years Ago President Ford Had Tacos With Me and Gave Me "Life" Advice. He Told Me to ALWAYS Know Whose Controlling the Ball... It Looks Like AEI Can't FIND The Ball. Be Careful... or YOU"LL Be OUT of the Superbowl.

Al Gore and Matt Kibbe - How Are YOU Celebrating National Orgasm Day? Al Gore Has Elizabeth Keadle.... Matt Kibbe are YOU Doing the Panda?

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The President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC - Is My Ex Lawyer. He's Suing Me for Slander and At the Same TIme He's Slandering Asians. HELLO!!!! Maybe Kline Preston a Self Declared Paula Dean & Putin Loving Homophobe Could Be Added to Asiana Lawsuit as a Defendant?