DOD WHISTLEBLOWER RATS OUT JOHN MCCAIN: James Clapper, James Comey (FBI), & John Brennan CIA I Think Cindy McCain's Husband Helped Create the "Wrongs of the World" That Ya'll are Trying to Fix. Ashton Carter a Guy at the DOD Shared with Me His Warmongering HURT America... I Was Sent Pics of Senator McCain with Current ISIS Leaders Who the Senator Wanted to Give Arms to During the Syria Crisis... It Seems Like John McCain ONLY Cares About the Defense LOBBYIST & He's Left Our Troops Who Served Multiple Tours Without the Proper Mental Health Treatment for PTSD & The Vets are MAD That Research Funding for PTSD Dogs Was CUT in 2012 & Eric Cantor Protected the Pharmaceutical Lobbyists That Got Our Vets Addicted to Pain Pills. MANY PTSD Survivors (Some Amputees) Have Told Me They'd Rather Have a PUPPY Than a Pill.

Could a "Not Very Popular" Ex Governor of Maryland Be a BIGGER Threat to GOP Than Hillary Clinton .... Using Rhetoric of Sarah Palin "You Betcha" & James Comey I Think the Dems Found Someone That Ya'll at FBI NOT Investigating. Have Someone Call Me If I'm Wrong 615-944-7599

***Clarification*** James Comey is the FBI Investigating the Deaths of Allen Overland & Brian Sant Angelo of the Export Import Bank: Fred Hochberg YOUR former Employees deserve to have their deaths investigated.