Divorced Women Hurt By Obama Care: .Moderate Voter Who Identifies as RINO Republican Wanted Obamacare to Succeed... NOW the Voice of a GOP Moderate Wants Congress to Give Ex Spouses Relief and Let Them Keep Their Marital Healthcare.

Ed Gillespie & RSLC sign me up for

***UPDATE*** Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Sirs -Get This- TEA PARTY Congressman Matt Lynch Says "People are NOT Terrorized by Healthcare Issues".. I'm Paraphrasing - My Voice is MORE Articulate than the Buffoon on MSNBC and I'm NOT Talking About Chris Hayes.... He's Sounding "Reasonable".... When is the GOP Going to Provide a SOLUTION to Healthcare?

Ed Gillespie - Are You Trying to Impress Ted Cruz? Did You See Al Gore's New Look? He's Hotter Than the Planet:):)

Bob Corker is NOT a Squish on His UAW Opinion - This Voice Thinks NISSAN is Too Inhuman and Should Be Spanked by Getting Unionized. Governor Haslam Leads a State That's #1 in Violent Crime and #1 in Corruption.... Something Has to Change - NOW!!!

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove - Here's WHY I Became the DOD Whistleblower & Sirs I'm a Former 80's Reagan Researcher & Was Told By Tea Party Activist I'm NOT a Republican: They Told Me WHAT Reagan Really Stood For - Evidently the Former President Has Changed His Views on Social Issues WHILE Being Dead? Instead of Fighting the Tea Party I'm (Sharyn Bovat) Deeming Myself a Ford Republican. Can YOU Get Jonathan Collegio & American Crossroads to Do a Video ON Ford Republicans? of Why Moderates Should be Republicans? FYI If I Lived in Virginia I'd Vote for My Cousin (I'm Related to Terry By Marriage) Either That or I'd Spend Election Day Doing Yoga. Have YOU Seen The Comments from the "Other Half" of the GOP Ticket in Virginia? OMG!!!! It's a Train Wreck in Slow Motion.

Amy Kremer & Sal Russo- is the GOP gonna keep Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin as their "it" couple?

Tom Brokaw I'm Telling Howard Baker & Baker Donelson an Idea for YOUR Next Book. I'm Sure NEW FBI Director James Comey Will Want to Read It.... I Want the FBI to Say Yes or NO That the Boston Bombing and Haslam FBI Raid are NOT Linked in Any Way. I've Been Told It Was a Diversion to Protect Haslam.. Also To Send a Message to NOT Prosecute Jimmy Haslam. The Haslam Family Most Likely Knew NOTHING... This is Purely Putin's People: Have You Looked Into Kline Preston? He Told Me His Brother Was the TOP CIA Lawyer (Stephen Preston) - I Fear for My Life When I Have to Travel to Tennessee - There's a DIRECT Link to NISSAN the CEO Carlos Ghosn is Chairman of the Board for the Russian Maker Autovaz. Why Would Carlos Ghosn WANT the EV to Succeed When He's Partnering with Putin Whose County is the Largest Oil/Gas Producer. I Was Told the NISSAN Leaf Was a "Fasle Flag" and Outdated Technology Used... If the Leaf FAILED It Would Keep America Dependent on the Middle East (Carlos Ghosn is From Lebanon) and Russia... Carlos Ghosn is a Friend of Putin. My Lawyer Kline Preston DID NOT Tell Me His "Confligt of Interest" Since Russia Was His Client the Same Time as Me.... He Did Tell Me He Was "Friendly" With Baker Donelson Partners.....