Perfect Oscar Night Drinking Game for Conservatives

James Comey PLEASE Have FBI Bust Mitt Romney for Hypocrisy & Get Him to Pay for My Apple His Allies HACKED: He's Bashing Trump & I'm Gonna Make "that" Backfire. Sharyn Bovat (Me) WasTold to EXPOSE (Once Again Mitt's Iranian Investments). Leslie Caldwell KNOWS About This, I Think "Her Minions Tell Her to Pretend to Be Busy When Were in the Same Room - Guess She's Tired of Being Lobbied for Indictments? FYI, Treasury Lawyers Want Romney "Taken Down".... How Come Romney & His Son Tagg Profited from a Nation on the Terrorist Watch List & the Feds & Mainstream Media Ignored It? Guess it Was Eric Holder's Fault BUT Luckily He's Gone & I was Told Loretta Lynch Thinks NOBODIES Above the Law.

Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, Henry Barbour, & All the Other Establishment GOP... Here's the FACTS & They Show that the Establishment Candidate "Can't Win".....

Reince Priebus AFTER Super Tuesday it Could Be Hard to Stop the Trump Train... Maybe Ya'll Need to Start Accepting He's NEW Face of GOP?

Reince Priebus The Anti-Gay & Pro Confederate Flag Robo Calls WILL Hurt the GOP in November: Someone Might Win the Battle in South Carolina BUT Lose the War (Whitehouse)

Morning Joe Dude SPOT ON on His Joe Klein Comments & GREAT Visual MSNBC: GE How Often Do You Hear a Compliment from a Reagan Republican? :):)

Woman Who Turned Down Trump Campaign in August is Willing to Be a GOP Team Player (Unless She Dates the Democratic Nominee Al Gore). Donald Trump Does Have Good National Security Advisors & America Will Be OK:):)

My Skills Learned from the Reagan & Bush "H" Era Have Made Me Marketable: Thank You Sal Russo & Karl Rove :):) That Said I Still Have to Be Loyal to Al Cause He Saved Me When I Was Bullied for Blogging in TN and iMade a Deal and Have to Honor That, I Bet Donald Trump Can Appreciate My Respecting Deals:):)

Joke for GOP Women

Donald Trump Just Proved He Can't Win General Election ....

Voice of a Moderate's GOP New Hampshire Predictions

Check Please ....

James Comey i Emailed the FBI Cause NEW Op Research Sent to Me (On a Network that the Clinton People Have Previously Hacked) Shows Clinton Part of GLOBAL Corrupt Network That Fiscally Raped the African People of There Resources: Marc Rich LIVES On His Clinton Donor Allies Linked to Haley Barbour Will Play a Role in 2016